How it works?

Buy your magic tag
Buy your magic tag online here, on Amazon or Ebay. You can also buy in some garages.
Tap the magic tag
No need to download an app. Just tap the magic tag with your smartphone
Connect your car
Follow the instructions to connect your car. We have done all the work for you.
01 – Smartphone

Tap the magic tag

Activate your NFC in your smartphone an tap the magic tag. You don't need to install any application.
The magic tag woks with most of modern smartphones Iphone, Android et Windows Phone.
02 – Account

Create an account

Provide an email and password to create an account.
You need an account to secure your data.
If you already have an account please just connect
Tagdriver Immatriculation
03-Licence plate

Set your licence plate

Enter your licence plate of your car.
Enter the licence plate of your car precisely as it is displayed on the vehicle

Connect your car