The magic tag for driver

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Manage your vehicle in 2.0

Tagdriver Car Management
Carnet d'entretien
Owner manual
Your owner manual and service history is available digitally in the tag. Invoices, quotes and any other documents are stored securely
Find your nearest petrol station. In one click you are geolocated and the tag displays a list of petrol stations with up to date prices.
Store all your expenses in the magic tag. You can access and view all your expenses by category at any time. Keep eye on your expenses,
Anyone in the Tagdriver community can alert you if your car is involved in an incident of any kind. Examples include; car being impounded, lost key, blocking traffic
Membre associé
Your friends and family won’t need to apply to use the Magic Tag. You can grant permission add or remove a member at any time.
Service Aauto
Automotive Services
In one click you get access to any service you need for your car. By using the magic tag, you can contact immediately a repair shop, car wash...


Be connected to profesionnals automotive

Tagdriver Garage
The magic tag will alert you when your next service is due. In one click you can book an appointment
Car Breakdown
No need to panic if your car breaks down. The magic tag will geolocate your position and show you where the nearest garage is for repairs
The nightmare of filling in an accident report is over. You are guided step by step through the process and, once finished, you can send the report straight to your insurers
Need a part for your vehicle?. No panic. By using the magic tag, you can order any part for your car online. You can also place a order with a repair shop.
In just a few clicks you can request a quote and receive offers from repair shops nearby. No need to waste time on the internet
Don’t miss the best deals or offers just because a repair shop is closed. All the best deals are stored in the tag.


Drive without worrying

No Panic
Drive without worrying. The magic tag will assist you in a breakdown or accident.
Save money
Buy fuel at a low price anywhere and get special deals with mechanics and repair shops
Nearby services
Find any automotive service anywhere in the world. The magic tag can geo-locate you.
Full of features

Everything starts with a tap

Just tap the magic tag to connect to your car. The intuitive home page allows easy access to all the features of the magic tag .
The highlighted button on the home page allows access to the main features : parking, forecast, traffic, alerts and the accident report feature
The highlighted SOS button allows you to quickly call emergency services anywhere in the world.
Cheapest gasoline nearby

Find the cheapest gas station nearby

In one click you are geolocated and the magic tag display a gas station list nearby. You can filter by radius and get the gas price in 10, 20 ou 50 km. For each station, you get the distance, the gas price and the last update.
Choose any station to view the itinerary. The magic tag will display the distance and the duration to route to. Just click on the button Route to to start the navigaion.
Save money with the magic tag.
Accident report

Fill your accident report in one click

By using the magic tag, you can fill your accident report in a few clicks. Most of fields are pre-completed automatically. No need to draw the sketch yourself. The magic tag will automatically draw the sketch for you.
At the end, each driver will receive a copy of the accident report as a pdf. Your insurance company is also automaticaly sent a copy.

Connect your car